People are always telling a story

I simply commemorates the moment

Hello everyone,
My name is Benco and I am an photArtoographer. artist
Graduated from the Camera Obscura College in Tel Aviv in 1996,
I participated in several group exhibitions
And after many  years I am now  presenting  my first solo exhibition.
Welcome to my site, get impressed by my work and when the exhibition is ready,
 I will publish the venue and date were it will be displayed

with big love

 about image


Girls tell a story

The question I ask myself as a photographer, what are the relations between the camera, the photographer and the object, and whether together they tell us the real story!


Poets.It's not a dirty word

The philosophy of life

In today's era, that everyone is photographing editors and publishers, there is still room for discourse about being authentic?

Poets.It's not a dirty word

in the womb

people make a story

Why are we afraid of anything new, while we embrace the past

in the womb
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